Soda City Wage Worker Fund

Soda City Wage Worker Fund is managed by a group of wage workers and nonprofit leaders in Richland County, SC. All inquiries may be directed to Emily Blackshire and Adolfo Tamayo, servers and students in Columbia, at

Everyone has bills to pay, even during COVID-19 closures.

The Soda City Wage Worker fund exists to support those who work for hourly wages or off of tips in Richland County, SC during COVID-19-related business closures and cuts. This is an imperfect and unofficial response to a national crisis that is affecting Richland County residents, particularly lower income members of our community. If you are a salaried worker at this time, please consider donating at least what you would spend on tips to service workers in an average week.


DONATE VIA VENMO – @COLA-WWF (subject line “Soda City Workers”)

DONATE VIA PAYPAL– (subject line “Soda City Workers”)

TRACK OUR PROGRESS (Donation Spreadsheet)

APPLY HERE (English)


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